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Bagborough Cricket Club Est.1910  

E-Safety Policies - Internet and Social Networking 


Bagborough Cricket Club, operate our own Website, as well as a site hosted by the ECB (English & Wales Cricket Board) ( 

Our site ( does not collect any private information from visitors apart from the use of ‘Cookies’ which help people make use of websites when and if they return at later dates/times, there is no requirement to use any form of ‘Log-In’ or anything similar. The Website Administrator is the only person who adds or deletes anything from our website. If anything is added to our website that any Member or Parent/Carer of any player for BCC does not wish to be on the website please contact him/her by sending an email to the following address: 

Our hosted site (Play Cricket) does make use of a ‘Members’ area, which will require the ‘visitor’ to register themselves, by registration this would mean that a User Name and a Password will be required, the Password will be of the ‘Visitors’ own making, BCC (Bagborough Cricket Club) does not issue any form of User Name nor any Passwords. Once a Visitor has registered with this site, they will be able to enter as much or as little information as they themselves wish (Although, at least one form of contact Information will be required).  

Information added by registration (Name, Address, Phone etc.) is not all visible to other members, although the person registering on the site can allow certain information to be seen by other members. Any information collected by BCC in this way, will not be given or passed onto any other people (Apart from Club Officers, or other persons that may need it due to emergencies) unless the member allows it.  

The Website Administrator is the only person who can see all information added by any or all fully registered or unregistered members, he/she will only pass on information held when requested by the Club Committee or any of its Officers. 


Social Media 

The only form of Social Media currently (2013-14) operated by BCC, is a Facebook Account, this page can be found at ( this page is looked after by the Website Administrator, where posts are added, weekly or whenever required. The current Captain of the Second XI (Simon White) also has posting rights as an administrator.  

We have set the Age Restriction on Facebook to 13+ (Facebook states: Selecting an age restriction means that anyone under the specified age will not be able to find your Page in search or on friends' profiles or view the content in other ways. This also means that logged out users will not be able to see your Page.) 


At no time will BCC ask anybody on Facebook to pass information about anyone else to us or expect that anyone will pass on information about any BCC member or player to others. 


We expect our membership to follow our rules so if anyone is found guilty of anything that endangers BCC Members or Players (Youth or Otherwise) we will notify the relevant authorities immediately. We will also ask them to attend a meeting with our Child Welfare Officer and/or other Club Officers.